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State Emergency Services - Maroondah Unit

Victoria State Emergency Service is a volunteer-based, professional emergency services organisation that serves the community 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

At Maroondah, we have approximately 50 volunteers who devote their time to help the Maroondah community in time of flood, storm damage and many other emergency situations.

We also hold regular community events with the aim to educate the community on how to look after yourselves in an emergency, when we may be so busy we may not be able to get to you as soon as you need.

We hold regular fundraisers and your donations are always gratefully received and are a tremendous help. But our main aim for these events is to let the community know who we are, what we do and let you know that you are not alone in an emergecy situation.

To our community members who expressed their interest in joining the Vic SES Maroondah Unit.

With the current situation of COVID 19, under Government regulations and advice from the Chief officer, we are unable to hold the recruitment information evening on 8th April 2020.

This decision is out of our control. The postponement for this information evening is unfortunate but we need to comply with the regulations.

On Behalf of the Maroondah SES unit we hope you all stay safe during these tough times and we will touch base in the near future.


SES units sandbag to protect property and infrastructure from floods, as well as assisting Victoria Police with evacuations.


Following severe storms, SES units can provide temporary repairs – like tarping – to damaged structures, and clear fallen trees and branches so that they no longer pose a danger. Note that SES does not remove this debris from your property.


SES works closely with municipal councils throughout Victoria to develop emergency management plans, providing advice, information, education and training. We are also required to audit Municipal Emergency Management Plans.